Celebrate Your Self More.

Ever feel like you’re on auto-pilot… even when good things are happening?

How often do you work so hard for a certain result or outcome, but when you successfully make it all happen,  you breeze right through your moment of accomplishment and quickly move on to the next thing you gotta do… or achieve… or fix… or whatever? 

And so you miss out on feeling that sense of success and accomplishment. Which is huge for our self confidence, self-worth, and motivation. 

How can you reward yourself even better for each small and big success you create in your daily life?

Research shows that our ability, as well as how often we feel we’re MAKING PROGRESS or SUCCESSFULLY ACHIEVING something… has a strong and direct impact on our experience of JOY inside of ourselves.

Our ability to experience these sensations is completely determined by how we define “success” and “progress”.

How do YOU define “success” and “progress”?

How do you determine if you’re being successful in a key relationship, or in a job, or with your kids??

For example…

Are YOU defining your success… or is someone else?

Does it need to be a completed task, or can it be something that is in progress?

Must it come from a prior set goal?  Or can it be those unexpected, perhaps even unintended, ‘successes’ that you’re creating or contributing to… but maybe you’re not currently recognizing?

Must it be something challenging to you? 

Or can it be something you’re good at, that you can do with ease, but that contributes to someone else, or the greater good?

As an action strategy… I encourage you to set yourself up with a “Celebration Jar” that you enter a note in to at least once a day, to help you take pause so you can better recognize, with greater appreciation, those many successes you are indeed creating, but may not be celebrating!

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To Your Loving Relationships,

Jennifer Blankl
Certified Relationship & Life Coach

Certified Marriage Coach & Divorce Preventionist

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What’s YOUR Story?? Is it Good Enough for You?

“I’ll never get past this…”

“I’d be happier with a different partner….”

“I’m not good enough to do_____ or have_____…”

“I’m gonna screw this up somehow…”

“This isn’t possible for me…”


Most likely… the limiting beliefs you’re living out by what you tell yourself and others.

The “stories” you play out in your thoughts, beliefs, and actions.Are there beliefs you carry around that hold you back from living more joyfully and productively? These are the thoughts that we tend to repeatedly think, that ultimately hold us back from having something, being something, doing something, or creating something. For example, a guy that believes and declares “I don’t get women like that” referring to the kind of woman he would really love to ask out; or the wife that believes her husband doesn’t love and cherish her because of how much he works… will ultimately manifest that reality because our actions always follow our beliefs. Whatever we believe… we manifest. Our thoughts dictate our beliefs. Our beliefs dictate our actions. Our actions dictate our reality.

E X E R C I S E:

Think of a specific life or relationship challenge currently impacting you. What’s something you concretely believe about this situation or person? Now assess whether this belief empowers you and motivates you to take action that gets you to the result you’re ultimately after. Or does this belief limit you, or hijack your ability to see new opportunities, expand what is good and right, and to take the action or actions that will manifest what you truly want and need?


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True Confessions of a Marriage Coach’s “Rock Bottom”

Buckle up. I’m gonna get vulnerable on you. This is my marriage story:

My husband and I hit rock bottom so early on in our marriage.

We married in the spring of 2008, became pregnant with our first son a quick month after our wedding, and then the economy collapsed. And my smart, successful, confident husband came home in the middle of the workday with a suspicious box and an expression on his face that I’ll never forget. 

That day, through no fault of his own, he lost an 11-year job to the financial crisis.

And on that same day, our sweet happy “honeymoon phase” died an abrupt death. 

Instead of focusing on my status as “new wife” and “first-time-mom-to-be”, now I was focusing on my husband’s shitty mood.  And everything he was doing that I didn’t like… and everything he wasn’t doing that I liked. All while my husband focused on securing our financial well-being, and my emotional well-being, all while the due date of our first child grew closer every day. 

But I was too one-sided to see the situation with compassion and empathy for my husband. I was too caught up in my own needs. What I wasn’t getting. How my fairy-tale-based expectations of marriage weren’t being met. In hindsight, such a hollow mindset, yet not an uncommon one by any means.  

As my husband focused more and more on work and became emotionally distant and stopped telling me details about things, I became cold… punishing… withholding… bitchy. I even threatened divorce. 

So we tried therapy.

And talking about our relationship issues and rehashing old fights didn’t work for us.

Not only did we waste a ton of time and money on both male and female therapists, we’d often leave our sessions worse off then when we arrived. 

Then something totally unexpected happened.

I began my formal training to become a Certified Life and Relationship Coach, and this thing I learned in one of my very first courses absolutely blew my freaking mind.

It changed me forever, actually. 

This enlightening course was all about our “Six Universal Human Needs” and there began the process of me developing a deeper understanding of why I do what I do … and why others in my life very important to me do what they do… that upleveled my way of thinking. I was able to make so much more sense of my Self and others, empowering me with a way better mindset.

It was the exact self-awareness slap in the face I needed to wake up and recognize my own power and ability to create change. 

Now I help others save their marriages.

And I get a lot of individuals and couples who come to me after having tried therapy, wanting to try the coaching approach. 

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How Do You Most Love to Receive Love?

Do you ever feel like you make a ton of effort to give to your partner and love them but no matter what you do, or say, it just doesn’t feel like your guy or gal appreciates it, or even enjoys it, as much as you really want them to.

So why is this such a common point of pain for many couples? 

The funny thing is… us well-intentioned humans tend to love others in the specific form that WE, OURSELVES, most prefer (your “Love Language”). Sometimes this works out well for both the giver and the receiver, but in my experience as a Relationship and Marriage Coach, most of the time this fact can hijack our ability to get the result we want with our Partner, and in our Marriage.

A rockstar business owner client of mine used to complain about how annoyed she felt from the fact that she complimented her husband often, but it was never enough to make him happy.

She felt frustrated and even rejected in her attempts to be more loving toward him.

Although she had a positive intent to give to her partner, unbeknownst to her, she was completely missing the mark. All because her husband’s top Love Language is “quality time”… not “words of affirmation”. He felt he had to compete with her work for her time and attention.  As the driven worker bee she is, she comes home late from running the business every day. He craves her next to him, her attention and presence… that her complimentary words don’t meet for him. 

So here, there’s tons of effort being made…  just not the RIGHT effort that taps in to her husband’s preferred way of receiving her love. 

In other words, she was loving him in the wrong love language. 

As it commonly happens, she thought she was on track with her efforts because she was loving him in the way SHE most wanted to be loved by him. 

So, how do YOU most love to receive love?? What about your Partner? How do they most love to receive love?

Is it through “words of affirmation” –  kind and affirming words being spoken to you? 

Is it someone giving you their undivided attention and full presence through “quality time”

Is it through “physical touch” and physical connection as in a hug, holding hands or cuddling on the couch? 

Or perhaps it’s “receiving gifts” from a loved one that leaves you feeling special and thought about. 

Or is it when someone does something for you through their own actions, or “acts of service”

It took me too long to realize in my own marriage, that just because my preferred love language is “Words of affirmation” doesn’t mean my husband must appreciate compliments and verbal praise the way I do. As a matter of fact, verbal compliments and affirmations don’t amount to a hill of beans to him because his love language is Acts of Service and for him, this is met through teamwork in our marriage and us operating like a true partnership. So verbal compliments from me don’t do much for him, whereas verbal compliments from him rock my world! 

Happy Love Day to you and yours!

Much Love,

Jennifer Blankl

Certified Relationship, Marriage and Divorce Prevention Coach


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Jennifer Blankl helps busy professionals create a successful and fulfilling love life at home within 90 days, without therapy. She understands how many feel like they don’t have the time, energy, or oftentimes the desire to “work” on their relationship… but still want to feel loved, appreciated, respected, and supported by their partner.Trained and Certified as a Relationship Coach, Life Coach, Marriage Educator and Divorce Preventionist, Jennifer serves men, women and couples privately as well as through group workshops, trainings, and as a professional speaker. 

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What’s YOUR “Center of Gravity” as a Love Partner in Your Relationship?

If you had to be honest… how often do you “measure” in your committed love relationship? By “measuring” I mean keeping track. Keeping score on what you do and give to your partner and love relationship… versus what you perceive your partner is, or isn’t doing.

As a Certified Relationship and Marriage Coach, I hear these expressions often… and I completely understand how my clients are feeling when they say things like, “I wish he’d step up more when it comes to chores and household responsibilities. Why do I have to do it all?”;  “I wish she’d give me compliments and tell me what she appreciates as much as I do for her!” 

We all do it, or have done it at some point. It’s part of our deep human instinct and nature to compete with others, even those we love most, to survive in this world. 

The tricky thing about measuring in our love relationship or marriage is that as long as we’re measuring, our math is going to come up faulty. Meaning, our partner will ALWAYS come up short in our minds when we measure. 

When we measure, we also hijack our own motivation and desire to love our partner more deeply because now we’re focusing on what we’re NOT getting, rather than what we ARE… and we all know what that leads to. A bunch of crappy relationship-killing emotions including resentment and contempt.


According to Tony Robbins, there are four levels of love that shed light on the different mindsets from which we each can humanly operate in our long-term, committed love relationships. Knowing and understanding these different levels can help us see precisely where our “center of gravity” is as a love partner. 


We’ve all been there. You can predict the outcome. At this level, we show up to GET. It’s all about “what’s in this for me?”

Level 2:    TRADING LOVE:   THE 50 / 50 PARTNERSHIP 

This is where your relationship operates more like a trade:  ‘You do that for me; I’ll do that for you’. At the level, partners strive for an equal, 50/50 partnership. Here, you are ALWAYS keeping score. How else do you know if it’s 50/50? You’re constantly measuring what you get back. You will ultimately end up feeling shorted by your partner. At this level, it’s too easy to just stop giving when you feel your partner is not giving as much, and the relationship eventually  deteriorates.

Culturally, we’ve been driven to this level of love. This is, by far, the most common place where people have their center of gravity.

Level 3:    REAL LOVE:  100 / 100 PARTNERSHIP

At this level, you’re loving and giving because that’s who you are. You give unlimited to your partner. Your px’s needs are your needs. You’re in 100%. You’re not measuring. Your life’s purpose is to fill their partner up and light them up regularly. The far majority of people are scared to give this much. The fear is that question “What if I give all of this and don’t get loved back?”, “What if I get hurt?”

When you love someone, you experience that love as you are giving it. So when we withhold our love, we don’t get to feel that love we feel when we’re giving it.


This is a spiritual kind of love that is truly and completely unconditional because this includes loving those that have hurt us. Think Dali Lama; Mother Teresa; Mahatma Gandi.  For most humans, this is not sustainable.

So what level are you at right now?

What level do you really want to be playing at?

How can you aspire to Level 3 love if you’re currently at level 2?

I encourage you to use this tool as an emotional state and mindset-shifter if and when you’re feeling challenged in showing love and compassion to your partner, like when you’re mad at them. It’s a great check-in tool to use with yourself to help you become more aware of how you’re reacting to and showing up for your partner.

Hone the power you already have inside of you to transform your own love relationship by choosing to never settle for Level 2 Love. Raise your standards and work toward Level 3 Love! You both win this way.

Much Love,

Jennifer Blankl, Certified Relationship, Marriage and Divorce Prevention Coach


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Jennifer Blankl helps busy professionals create a successful and fulfilling love life at home within 90 days, without therapy. She understands how many feel like they don’t have the time, energy or oftentimes the desire to “work” on their relationship… but still want to feel loved, appreciated, respected and supported by their partner.

Trained and Certified as a Relationship Coach, Life Coach, Marriage Educator and Divorce Preventionist, Jennifer serves men, women and couples privately as well as through group workshops, trainings, and as a professional speaker for companies and organizations. 


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Co-Contributor of “Creating the Relationship of Your Dreams”and we all know what that leads to… a bunch of crappy emotions like resentment and contempt.

Are your EMOTIONS Getting the Best of You? Here’s What To Do…

My parents used to tell me in my younger years that I was “TOO EMOTIONAL”. That if I didn’t get a grip on my feelings… then I would pay heavy consequences… not just with them… but in life. I’ve worked on myself over the decades and become a lot wiser to the control I actually really do have over the oftentimes intense emotions I feel.

And it’s not just because I’m now older and wiser… because it hasn’t been terribly long ago even at the ripe age of 45, that I’ve learned this life lesson. And it’s not because my own parents told me over and over not to be so emotional, and to learn to better manage myself. It’s because early on in my training as a Life Coach and Relationship Coach, I was taught an invaluable tool that helped me understand on a deep level WHY I felt certain emotions more than others… and why I stay stuck in certain emotions even when they make me feel like shit. This tool taught me the primary driving factor behind all emotions… and that’s our human drive to meet our “Six Universal Human Needs”. So when I could see how my core human needs were getting met through my feelings and emotions… I could then begin to grow more and more aware of what my emotions were doing FOR me… rather than TO me. And then I could make better choices around the emotions I did want to feel… and for how long I was willing to feel them.

Think of the last time you were mad at your love partner. SO mad… that you held on to your anger and withheld your love and compassion from them because you really wanted them to ‘pay’ for the pain you felt from that thing they said or did.  Remember how much that argument or fight hurt, yet you remained stuck inside of it? You stayed in the fight, and even poured kerosene on the fire. So why do we stay stuck in these painful dynamics? What prevents us from being able to take that pause, and climb out of our relationship ruts?

The reason is that our emotions,  even the super painful ones that leave us buckled on the floor, meet our “Six Universal Human Needs”.

Our different emotions… both the good ones and the bad ones… have the potential to meet our human needs – the needs we must meet every day… to some degree… to firstly, survive and secondly, to thrive. We can meet our needs through our thoughts, our emotions, our beliefs, our actions and choices in “constructive and positive” ways that are good for us and our relationships long-term. OR, we can meet these same needs in “destructive and negative” ways that hijack our long-term, but may serve as a temporary fix right now… thus the natural temptation to use these ways. These destructive ways we use to get our human needs met are “false rewards” because they may feel good in the moment… but can sabotage our long term joy and success with our selves and in our key relationships.

For example, when we stay angry, pissed and closed-off to our partner to win a conflict rather than resolve… we inadvertently get some of our human needs met. Like our universal human need for “Significance” – our need to feel important, respected, needed, wanted, worthy, purposeful, enough. Engaging in unproductive conflict can help us feel powerful, important, worthy of the attention of others, and all that other stuff that helps us feel that instant rush of power because we’re now our love partner’s opponent, rather than teammate. But we all know where this path ultimately leads us with our partners.

We can also meet our universal human need for “Love & Connection” in our worst arguments, because now, we (finally) have our partner’s full and undivided attention. Their focus is finally on us. For many couples who don’t get to see their partners or connect with them meaningfully as often as they need, arguing and engaging in conflict can be their anecdote to feeling a lack of attention and affection from their partner.

We can also meet our universal human need for “Certainty” and comfort by staying in conflict, because this can allow us to avoid addressing the deeper root cause of relationship pain, which can feel most uncertain, and most uncomfortable.

How can you hone your own personal power to better manage, and even choose, the emotions you feel and experience so that you can have more control over what you get to experience in your life and in your relationships?

Are you struggling in your committed love relationship at home? Ready to make a long-lasting shift that will transform the emotional stuckness you’re feeling now?

I can help. Let’s chat. I invite you to apply for a FREE 30-min. Certified Relationship Coaching Call with me HERE.



My Plea to the Grumpy People. Or At Least, the Non-Smilers…

YOUR SMILE is like

P U R E G O L D. ❤️

Don’t UNDERestimate the power and impact your SMILING FACE has on…

YOU, most importantly ❤️,

Your Love Partner,

Your kids,

Strangers, Etc.

I wanna skip to STRANGERS.

Our families most likely get most of our attention… as they should. And your COMMUNITY needs you too. The people that you don’t know and that don’t know you need you more than you know. (that’s a mouthful)

I’m not one to rant, but I can’t help but notice the seemingly grumpy people in the grocery store. I’m defining “grumpy” as those shopping in the grocery store that don’t look at or engage with anyone else. Those that don’t say “excuse me” when they walk in between you and the thing on the shelf you’re looking at… or the people that don’t say “thank you” after you stepped aside for them to let them walk by to give them extra space. I know and confess this is my own personal trigger. I grew up in the deep south and spent my middle school and early high school years living in a tiny town in Georgia called Madison – population 4,000. In Madison, you were expected to greet those you passed on the street or in the store. Even when driving your car, you knew to wave to each and every driver that passed you. Otherwise… you were simply regarded as ‘rude’.So yes… I have a major tic when it comes to this subject. I’m probably too-often triggered by some people’s indifference towards their fellow humans, even when dealing with perfect strangers. But I don’t think I’m alone in the least bit, regardless of my southern upbringing. When you smile… your whole face lights up. Our eyes smile. So even when wearing a COVID mask, people can still totally see your smile through the seeable parts of your face.

Think about how you feel when you exchange a smile with someone. Even a stranger you’re passing. For me, it’s a reminder of how we’re all truly connected as humans, of the power of kindness and warmth, and the emotional impact we have on each other… even while simply grocery shopping.

Just think about the immense power you have to spread joy and love in your community with your kindness, your positive engagement, your encouraging smile, a quick compliment… whatever your style. There are a lot of people feeling UNSEEN in these trying times – whether they’re isolated, lonely or downright struggling with their own personal situation. Your smile, your “thank you”, your “excuse me”, your “hey I like your shoes!”… could be the very thing that makes someone’s day. That helps them feel SEEN. And important. And connected to others. So if you’re not doing so already… I lovingly nudge you to SMILE MORE… and say a quick “hello!” Connect more with others, even through small, quick gestures. For when we do… We ourselves get to feel and experience the love and kindness we’re giving, elevating our OWN emotional states.

Not sure how to shift out of STUCKNESS in your own relationship or marriage at home? I can help, let’s chat: www.JenniferBlankl.com/help

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Play the Appreciation Game Better… and Score More Win-Wins in your Love Relationship!

I wish you and yours a joyous Thanksgiving holiday this week that may be physically apart, but socially close and connected.

There’s good reason to take pause and hone in on what’s good, right and awesome in our worlds, no matter what’s currently out of our control.

Take the time to express out loud to your loved ones what you appreciate about them. 

BE SPECIFIC, for optimal impact.

Compliments and expressions of appreciation that are specific and concrete, carry far more weight compared to generalizations.

For example, saying, “I really appreciate you”, is a thoughtful and loving expression for sure… but what about this?…

“I really love and appreciate how you’ve taken time lately to listen to my emotional rants without trying to fix my problems. I really feel seen and heard by you when that happens and that feels really comforting to me.”  

Adding as much detail as possible to the appreciation we express feels more authentic and sincere to the receiver.

And when we do this, not only are we making our compliments and appreciations much more meaningful, but we are teaching others precisely what we love and appreciate most. A relationship win-win!

Do you want to feel more appreciated in your own relationship at home? I invite you to apply for a FREE 30-min. Relationship Strategy Call with me to tackle a specific relationship challenge you’re ready to transform.

“It only takes one person to transform ANY relationship!”

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7 Powerful Ways to Reconnect with Your Love Partner

Your to-do list is very long.

The thought of putting more “work” into your love life or marriage feels exhausting.

But, if you had to be honest, you miss the feelings you used to have when you two first got together. You miss what it was like before your relationship slipped into the “roommate rut”.

Remember when you felt… 

                             excited and turned on… desired and wanted… playful and flirtatious… happy to be in each other’s company?

I know how it feels to want to reconnect and feel that spark again. 

I understand trying to be all things to all people and your love life gets put on the back burner.

What if you could have a taste of what it could be like again?

You CAN. No matter how long you’ve been together, or what you’ve been through.

Here’s a few easy ways to get back to those feelings of love, excitement, fun and intimacy. These 7 POWERFUL EXERCISES will instantly connect you and your partner and help you recapture deeper feelings of connection and spark that you miss and need. Start with one exercise that you like, and build on that.

Tired of being stuck in a relationship rut at home?

Have you already tried therapy or traditional marriage counseling and you’re ready for a new approach?

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“It only takes one person to transform ANY relationship!”

Cheers to Your Extraordinary Relationships,

Jennifer Blankl
Certified Relationship & Life Coach
Certified Marriage Coach
Certified Strategic Interventionist

Co-Contributor of “Creating the Relationship of Your Dreams”

Client Experiences & Testimonials

Jennifer helps busy professionals and parents create an exciting, loving, and emotionally fulfilling relationship with the love partner they already have, even when they think they don’t have the time, energy or desire… so that they can feel more connected, supported, appreciated, and respected.

Let’s Talk About…. SEX!!

Never underestimate the importance of sex in your relationship. 

Sure… your sex life isn’t going to be insanely hot all the time.  Your desire for your spouse (and his or hers for you) ebbs and flows through the years as it’s supposed to. HOWEVER… if a lack of sex is hurting or unnerving either or both of you, you owe it to yourselves to find a way to talk about it and break through the barriers.

Physical affection and intimacy is like a double dose of vitamin B12 to a marriage. It can be the very thing to get you guys in to the mental, emotional and physical space where you CAN. FINALLY. RECONNECT. Like, for real.

As soon as one or both partners loses interest in having sex, resulting in an infrequency, or altogether absence of physical intimacy… your relationship is in trouble.

A client of mine who came to me after his wife discovered his sexual affair said the reason he was able to justify “such an atrocious act” is because his wife said that “romantic sex has no place in a marriage” when he would ask why she doesn’t want to have it with him. You won’t catch me condoning or even justifying infidelity.  I also understand from listening to him, that the pain this man feels from a wife not wanting him physically, while taking no interest or responsibility to heal their sexual relationship, was the marriage’s death for the man. Forget about who is to blame for how they got where they are now. It’s the pain of rejection in the bedroom over time that will drive the best of characters to commit crimes of love.

Think about this…    

Without physical intimacy, there’s little difference between your relationship and a fresh salad on the kitchen counter. The only difference between a fresh, crisp, refreshing salad… and garbage… is TIME.  That’s it.  TIME. When it comes to a marriage that lacks sex or regular physical intimacy, it’s only a matter of time before the relationship itself dies. 

Not to be dramatic, but sex is absolutely VITAL to the joy and fulfillment in your relationship or marriage. And when we (especially us women) understand this, and honor this truth, the better we’ll be able to tap in to the power within us to feel and experience a much deeper connection with, not only our partners, but our amazing Selves as well. 

The absence or infrequency of sex or intimacy in a marriage is a significant red flag from my perspective as a Relationship & Marriage Coach.  Of course, it can mean very different things to different people, but having a mutually satisfying sex life is an excellent support system for a healthy, marital relationship. It makes the little day-to-day annoyances so much more bearable. It solidifies the foundation of our marriage so that we’re not so easily shaken. And it allows us go out in to the world and rock it outside of the bedroom because we feel sexy, confident, wanted, desired, loved, craved…. And on and on.

So stop waiting until you’re “in the mood”… or perfectly happy with your spouse to take action in the bedroom. Because, frankly, the stars will never align. 

Surprise your Self and them by being a bit more frisky and flirty today.

Have no clue where to begin to even talk about this stuff with him or her? Are there other challenges at home that need to be healed before you can even wrap your mind around the thought of sex, or simply the ‘sex talk’?! 

Then apply for a FREE Strategy Call with me and well dive in to your personal sitch and get you relief and a plan.


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