Jennifer Blankl - Certified Relationship, Marriage & Life Coach

I help busy, hardworking professionals ignite connection, excitement, and physical & emotional intimacy… even when they feel they don’t have the time, energy or desire…

so they can STOP LIVING LIKE ROOMMATES with their love partner and create an UNSHAKEABLE LOVE

within 90 days… without therapy.   

Trained and certified as a Relationship Coach, Marriage Coach, Life Coach and Strategic Interventionist, Jennifer works with men, women and couples privately as well as through public speaking and professional trainings.

Life’s deepest fulfillment comes not from accomplishments, or things, but from our most intimate relationships.  What would it look like and feel like to be able to transform the relationship you have with your partner so that you can experience deeper, more meaningful connection, more playfulness, more passion, more deeper understanding of one another, and more growth?

How would that transform the quality of your life?

Truly happy and fulfilling relationships don’t just happen to those more fortunate or lucky folks. As the old adage goes, “soul mates aren’t born… they’re created.”  Feeling stuck and alone inside a committed relationship can feel suffocating and affects all aspects of your life. Stop wasting precious time waiting for things to blow over or change on their own.  WIN with your partner again and successfully create the big, huge shifts in your relationship that lead to the LASTING CHANGE you most want and need.

“Jennifer gifted me so much more than I ever expected."
A rogue wave that never flattens. Time standing still. Buckling to a fetal position in a hallway. I’ve been there. We all have. I came to Jennifer to see me through the gray canopy when a very meaningful long term relationship suddenly ended. Jennifer gifted me so much more than I ever expected. Her acceptance, guidance and tailored nudging has helped me evolve into an emotionally intelligent, communicative, vulnerable and more solid self. By far, the number one comment I get these days is how grounded I am. I will carry with me what I have learned from Jennifer for a lifetime.”
Portland, OR
"Jennifer Blankl is truly a one of a kind person."
She is dedicated to your development and improvement as a individual/parter/team. My wife and I had the pleasure of hiring Jennifer early last year as we approached our wedding day. I highly encourage you to speak with Jennifer if you desire to become the best husband/wife/team you can image. Jennifer has a unique approach that is tailored to your communication style, goals and experience in life.” – Addison Nett, Portland, OR
Addison Nett
Portland, OR

What struggles are you facing in your relationships right now?

What's truly creating your PAIN...and how to transform it RIGHT NOW!

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“I trust her and would definitely love to work with her again."
“It was through Jennifer’s guidance that I was able to change the story I was telling myself to reach a breakthrough in my personal life. Through her knowledge and, more importantly, her kind and open demeanor she encouraged me to do the work and was able to offer additional recommendations for readings and teachings for me to do in addition to the work we were doing together. I trust her and would definitely love to work with her again!”
Jill Michelle Williams
Television Producer/ Work In Progress, New York City
“A heart so big and full of passion for what she does!
“Jennifer has a heart so big and full of passion for what she does! Her goal is to help you set healthy boundaries as you dive deep inside looking at your hearts desires. Working with her will help you see the best in yourself and others as you move forward creating change.”
Melony Buenger
Founder of The Christian Women’s Network, Portland, OR

What struggles are you facing in your relationships right now?