My Story

Relationships are my WORLD.  They always have been.

I value them immensely and need my key relationships to be on ‘good terms’ to be joyful in my daily life. It’s a huge part of my own personal ‘needs blueprint’.

I was given up by my teenage birth parents at two weeks old and spent the first three years of my life with a foster mom living with other foster kids. I was adopted at the age of three by my parents and older brother. I’ve always considered myself “chosen” by my family. I refuse to think and believe otherwise.

I moved around frequently throughout my life. I spent my childhood in Atlanta, San Antonio, Madison Georgia, and Orange County, California. Making big moves during vulnerable times in my early life drove me to get my act together in the relationship-building department. I had to quickly get over my shyness and grow my confidence to adjust to big, frequent changes and make new friends. Being the “new girl” so often taught me that the best way to experience love and connection with others…is by creating it. Manifesting it for myself. Not waiting for it to happen to me. Or for people to even come to me. I had to earn relationships. I had to be good at relationships early on. Even though I’ve committed more than my share of love relationship crimes, these mainly romantic relationship mistakes I’ve regretfully made have shaped who I am today, and allow me to help others in a deeply authentic way.
My husband and I married in March of 2008 and had our first son in February of 2009, and our second son in June of 2010.

Since 2014, I’ve been professionally coaching individuals and couples to help them have a better relationship with themselves first and foremost, and a better connection and relationship experience with their spouse, a key family member, or a key person in their professional world. I help clients with the full spectrum of relationship challenges…from those that already have a good relationship but want a more intimate, more emotionally fulfilling one, to those hanging by a thread and deep in “disaster mode.”

The same insights I help my clients discover about themselves and their love partners are the same that helped me save my own marriage.

When I was pregnant with our first son back in 2008, my hard-working and success-driven husband lost an 11-year job through no fault of his own, spawned by the global financial crisis. This job loss absolutely crushed him. It was a blow to his entire identity. I regretfully had no earthly idea what he was truly going through. Back then, I didn’t understand his needs, his values, his deepest desires. Nor did I understand my own. I was living unconsciously as a partner and so I blamed him for his bad moods, and criticized him for the way he was showing up for me, or not showing up for me. Instead of showing up with love and a deeper understanding when he needed it the most, I failed him. I didn’t have the insights, the knowledge, the clarity around who I am, what I need, and then the same about him.

Looking back now as a relationship expert, I know I wasted precious time and energy, endured and caused my man unnecessary emotional pain, and lost significant time and opportunity to more deeply connect with him and support him better in a time of deep, personal crisis.

Training to be a relationship expert and personal coach taught me personally groundbreaking insights and tools, including the “Six Universal Human Needs” that transformed my thoughts, beliefs, actions, choices, and focus in life. With this, I was able to develop a great relationship with myself first, then climb out of the rut with my husband, so I could harness the power within me (just like you have within you) to shape my reality and improve my life experience, no matter what the external circumstances.

I’m proud to get a lot of clients that come to me after years and years of therapy, wanting to try the coaching approach so they can achieve big, long-lasting results personally and relationally with others.

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What struggles are you facing in your relationships right now?