Professional & Keynote Speaker
Workshop Host & Trainer
Certified Relationship and Marriage Coach
Certified Life Coach
Certified Strategic Interventionist

Jennifer helps busy professionals ignite meaningful connection, understanding, appreciation and respect in their key relationships so they can experience more joyful bonds, master conflict resolution, create more win-win solutions, and have more fun.

Trained and Certified as a Relationship & Marriage Coach, Life Coach, and Strategic Interventionist, Jennifer works privately with individuals, couples and teams, and conducts workshops, talks, and training for professional teams, groups, and organizations.


To provide audiences with thought-provoking insights, tools and strategies for upleveling both their personal, intimate as well as professional relationships. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to more meaningfully connect and communicate with, lead, influence, collaborate with, and problem-solve with anyone they wish to, in any relationship context.


Taking Back the Wheel: Creating a Fulfilling Journey –
Jennifer Blankl lovingly challenges and inspires her audience to harness their own internal power to shape the reality they’re living, no matter what external factors, circumstances, or events are impacting them.

What’s Driving You: Why You Do What You Do –
An insightful, game-changing look into what’s truly driving our thoughts, feelings, choices and ultimately the reality we’re each uniquely living, in our life and key relationships. Learn this information about yourself and change your life. Learn this information about others and transform any relationship or group dynamic – whether professional, personal or intimate.

Tools for Improving Life & Relationships Under Lockdown
How to get the most out of your new normal while upleveling your marriage and other key relationships. Learn game-changing insights about yourself and those you love as well as proven tools and strategies to help you and loved ones communicate more respectfully, resolve conflict and create more win-wins, while cultivating a homelife with more respect, appreciation and cherishment.

The Gifts in Conflict –
A data-driven look at why conflict is valuable and necessary for deeper, more meaningful relationships. A look at the deeper gifts and benefits we get when we avoid conflict avoidance. Simple tools and strategies for better managing your tougher interactions and resolving differences peacefully.

The Art of Compassionate Communication –
A fun, engaging role-play training that teaches a positive, productive and personal growth-oriented communication strategy for ALL relationships – business, personal and romantic. Learning this framework can help us express ourselves more fully and authentically, while minimizing defensiveness in others and, instead, evoking compassion and a deeper understanding of one another.


      • Master Asking for Help / Delegating to Others
      • Giving & Receiving Feedback in the Workplace
      • Creating Confidence in Self & Others
      • Mastering Your Emotional State
      • Identifying & Transforming Your Limiting Beliefs
      • Conflict management and resolution
      • How to be Successful in your Career AND your Love Life


“Jennifer spoke for our Metropolitan Senior Network Annual Awards Banquet. With COVID, we wanted a speaker that could provide something upbeat and useful to our members. Jennifer was fabulous! She was engaging, even over ZOOM, and the members were engaged and contributed to the presentation.

We would highly recommend Jennifer Blankl!”

  • -Matthew Preston, LNHA,
    Co-Owner, Home Instead Senior Care
  • “Thank you for being a spaker at this year’s “INSPIRE”! Your presentation and discussion with the audience was great and there was so many key takeaways for attendees to apply to their own lives and relationships. You added incredible value and the feedback has been terrific! Thank you for your support and for helping to make the event a hug success!”
  • -Liz Hatcher & the 2022 Inspire Committe,
    Women to Women Network
  • “Jennifer, the greatness I see in you is your vulnerability and caring heart. Everytime you present at Portland Executives Association, you pour into the group to help and support us! You ROCK!”

-Roni Sasaki, Owner, EnviroMet;
Portland Executives Association Member

“You did a fantastic job yesterday – thank you so much for your presentation. It was totally relevant and you offered practical tools that can be used right now.”

“Jen and I would like to thank you for all you’ve done these last 9 months working with Reside! It was a valuable experience for all of us. Through this process with you, we’ve identified areas that needed addressing as well as new ideas for future growth and improvement. You have given us the skills to become better leaders which in turn will help us deliver better care to the individuals we support. You have effectively inspired us all to continue to better ourselves at what we do. Again, thank you for all the support you’ve provided to everyone in our agency. Your direction has definitely touched each and every one of our managers and has trickled down to our Direct Service Providers and the clients we support. We’ve appreciated the connections you’ve helped us make and the insights that have surfaced as a result. We appreciate you immensely. Thank you for everything Jennifer!”

-Rich Nakanishi, MA, LPC
Owner/Administrator, Reside Residential Care

“Thank you so much for the fantastic luncheon topic “The Gift in Conflict” at March’s Tualatin Chamber’s WIN (Women In Networking) event. We all learned so much and enjoyed listening to your presentation. We so appreciate the time and effort you put into your presentation! Thank you for your contribution to WIN!”

-The Tualatin Chamber of Commerce WIN Steering Committee
Wendy, Courtney, Erica, Rebecca & Fernanda

“Speaking openly and honestly about struggles in marriage can be difficult, especially amongst a group of young mothers that might not know one another very well…that is why when Jennifer Blankl came to our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group to facilitate a discussion about marriage and relationships, I was so blown away with how comfortable everyone in the group was with getting vulnerable with one another around this topic. Jennifer set the stage for our discussion beautifully with her own raw experiences and deep knowledge and understanding of the nature of human relationships. From there, the discussion flowed naturally and felt intimate, even though there were four full tables of women. I know that all of us walked away from that short session with tools we could immediately implement in our own marriages and even in other relationships with loved ones. We would have Jennifer back to our group in a heartbeat and would highly recommend other groups to consider her as a facilitator or speaker.”

-Emily Guerrero, MOPS SouthLake

“Thank you, Jennifer! You are a Master Relationship Coach! I have learned some easy and effective ways to improve my communication. I am much better about having conversations that would have been difficult before. Even my daughter said I was communicating better. I have seen such positive results by just doing a few simple things. Life is better.”   

-Conde Bartlett, Cocoon Wellness Center, Portland, OR


“Thank you Jennifer for your fun and interactive workshop for Metropolitan Senior Networking. Your tips and illustrations on how to communicate, and adjust one’s perspective is a priceless life tip – valuable in our professional lives as well as personal relationships. The comments from the participants are still rolling in, on how helpful they are, and the way you tied it into the challenges of the pandemic were very timely.”

-Jenn Buman, MSN Program
Director & Owner of Portland Senior Housing


“Thank you so much for spending your Sunday morning with us! It’s clear that the Board Members really got something out of it! Throughout the rest of the day as we were talking about planning etc. there were several mentions of our essential needs and how that affects our focus and motivation. And honestly, the fact that so many of the Board members had (the need for) growth really helped me understand their perspective as it relates to my need for certainty. I often find myself struggling with a focus on growth because I read the energy around growth as “growth at any cost” – which is not my cup of tea (ha!). Ultimately, I understand now the balance we have is really a benefit and can actually lead to thoughtful, strategic growth where we are all pushed a bit. Thank you! The work we did with you is already having an impact.”

-Natalie Wood,
Executive Director, Kinship House

“Jennifer was incredibly responsive and thoughtful to our training request. She listened to the needs of our organization, made recommendations, and presented content that was relevant to our group. Jennifer created a training environment that was open to questions and sharing, and really allowed individuals to think about themselves in the content. It was a pleasure working with Jennifer.”

-Junior League of Portland
Becks Alimena, Chair Member

“Thank you very much for speaking to our Rotary Club. We appreciate your sharing your time and thoughts with us. Thank you, again.”

  • -Kruse Way Rotary Club
    Lake Oswego, OR

“Your workshops are wonderful and they tremendously help me in my work life and personal life. THANK YOU!! Jennifer, you are wonderful. Thank you again for all the attention and intent you give and have for our group. You have helped me emotionally and mentally understand myself!”

-Manager, Reside Residential Care
(Anonymous Evaluation)

“Jennifer Blankl’s WORKSHOPS present valuable, thought provoking, information to help you get out of your rut and into your heart! The tools and challenges she presents empower you to try positive strategies in your relationships that will allow you to show up as your better you. You will be armed with new intention that allows you to connect with others in a more heart-centered way. I’m impressed with the honesty and vulnerability that comes out in Jennifer’s workshops. She is fun, supportive, honest, and nonjudgmental. I feel fortunate to be receiving this crucial, perhaps family saving, information right now and look forward to feeling more and more fulfillment in my relationships! Thank you Jennifer!”

-Abby Smith, Portland, OR

“Terrific presentation yesterday Jennifer Brandt Blankl! Perfectly timed too! The explanation you shared on The Six Human Needs really helped me navigate through a delicate situation this evening with my youngest. Thank you for helping me keep the peace at home!”    

-Erica Patteson, Portland, OR