What’s YOUR Story?? Is it Good Enough for You?

“I’ll never get past this…”

“I’d be happier with a different partner….”

“I’m not good enough to do_____ or have_____…”

“I’m gonna screw this up somehow…”

“This isn’t possible for me…”


Most likely… the limiting beliefs you’re living out by what you tell yourself and others.

The “stories” you play out in your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Are there beliefs you carry around that hold you back from living more joyfully and productively? These are the thoughts that we tend to repeatedly think, that ultimately hold us back from having something, being something, doing something, or creating something. For example, a guy that believes and declares “I don’t get women like that” referring to the kind of woman he would really love to ask out; or the wife that believes her husband doesn’t love and cherish her because of how much he works… will ultimately manifest that reality because our actions always follow our beliefs. Whatever we believe… we manifest. Our thoughts dictate our beliefs. Our beliefs dictate our actions. Our actions dictate our reality.

E X E R C I S E:

Think of a specific life or relationship challenge currently impacting you. What’s something you concretely believe about this situation or person? Now assess whether this belief empowers you and motivates you to take action that gets you to the result you’re ultimately after. Or does this belief limit you, or hijack your ability to see new opportunities, expand what is good and right, and to take the action or actions that will manifest what you truly want and need?

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