When you’re done with your busy day… Do you enjoy hanging out with your Love Partner, your Spouse, or the kids?…

Or would you rather check out and get that time to yourself that we all need?

I was reminded of something last week.

Two nights out of the week my husband takes our 12-year-old son to soccer practice leaving me and my 10-year-old son alone. My 10-year-old looooves connecting with his friends over video games. So it’s too easy to let him play video games when older brother is at soccer while I drink red wine and cook while watching Netflix. My go-to way of transitioning out of my busy workday. Which I really enjoy. 

I’ve been more conscious these last couple of years about how quickly time passes and how fast my boys are growing up.

And TIME with those we love cannot be…



or recycled.

What I CAN do is change HOW I spend the time that I DO have with them.

But that point only scratches the surface.

So last week I forced my son to hang out with mommy. He didn’t want to. He pleaded for a bit to get on “the Fortnite” but caved quicker than I expected.

We took our dog Apollo on a long walk together and he chatted my ear off in the most adorable way about things that happened at school which he won’t say in front of his brother in the car ride home from school for some reason. I would’ve totally missed out on this sweet conversation between him and I otherwise.

I negotiated with him that we could watch something together or play a board game and of course, he chose the TV. Which was fine because he draped his leg over mine on the couch and we could not have been sitting closer without him sitting on my lap. This I love. These moments I cherish. The bonds we feel with our loved ones when we take the time to connect with them trumps all.

I’m glad I got this reminder that trading out my own comfort to hang with my son has immeasurable gifts to enjoy.

We all need alone time, escape time, de-stress time, but for me to redefine how I use that alone time with my younger son during those evenings is well worth the effort.

Research proves my point as well. A 75-year long Harvard Study’s biggest findings were that the most important predictor of happiness is our relationships. Not money, or power or possessions. But our closest relationships.

I think in this busy life that demands our divided attention, we could all use this reminder.

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