Why Putting Your Spouse First Won’t Make Your Marriage Successful

I know you’re stretched thin and overwhelmed.

I know you feel totally exhausted and depleted at times, especially lately.

I know your “To-Do List” is now… endless.

I know you care about those you share your life with.

But what TRULY stops you from taking good care of YOU?

From putting YOU first?

From taking the time and space you need to focus on your SELF… so you can finally recharge, regroup, reflect, whatever.

Self-care isn’t about taking a bath once a week. It’s sooooo much deeper than that.

It involves truly understanding what you need and being able to ask for it from others. It’s living authentically and being your truest self. It’s knowing your triggers and how to manage them so that you can manage your emotions to your, and everyone else’s, advantage.

So, self-care is essential. It’s NON-negotiable.

But most of us treat it like it’s a luxury.

But caring for YOU must come FIRST before you’re going to be successful in your key relationships.

Because if you don’t take care of YOU first… then you’re going to burn out.

Or at best, you will rob yourself of the deeper joy and fulfillment of loving one’s Self as well as their spouse… where everyone’s needs can get met at a higher level.

Putting YOU first will improve your marriage SIGNIFICANTLY.

I promise.

So allow me to be your reminder today to take good care of YOU.

To get in touch with your “joy triggers”… the people, places and things that light you, lift your spirits and allow you the break you need from it all.

You owe it to yourself. And your marriage.

Love and Hugs,


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