HOW TO BE the 9% that ACHIEVE their New Year’s Resolution:

ONLY 9% OF US WILL ACHIEVE our New Year’s Resolution.*

INSTEAD OF making your New Year’s resolution about YOU this New Year… make it about your Love Partner. 

When we get out of our own heads and stop focusing on our own selves, what we don’t have yet, what we want to achieve and acquire for our Selves… we experience far less pain, challenge and upset in our lives. When we focus on other people in our lives, versus our own Self, we get more of our human needs met, at a higher level. Which makes us happier, more fulfilled human. 

And when we’re focusing in others rather than ourselves, that can be the very leverage we need to NOT give up on a resolution so easily. 

When it comes to “working” on your relationship, focus on smaller goals to reach your bigger goals.  Doing the smaller things over time more consistently has far more positive impact on your relationship than the less frequent, but more grandiose gestures.

For example, you can take your spouse out every Friday for Date Night, but if you’re not doing the smaller things more often and consistently that solidify the foundation of your relationship, then these bigger gestures won’t hold as much value. 

So make goals about your LOVE PARTNER! 

Don’t worry… this isn’t about abandoning your own personal goals in the name of love. It’s been proven over and over again:

The quality of your most important relationships is the quality of your life.

Start here with #5.

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