Celebrate Your Self More.

Ever feel like you’re on auto-pilot… even when good things are happening?

How often do you work so hard for a certain result or outcome, but when you successfully make it all happen,  you breeze right through your moment of accomplishment and quickly move on to the next thing you gotta do… or achieve… or fix… or whatever? 

And so you miss out on feeling that sense of success and accomplishment. Which is huge for our self confidence, self-worth, and motivation. 

How can you reward yourself even better for each small and big success you create in your daily life?

Research shows that our ability, as well as how often we feel we’re MAKING PROGRESS or SUCCESSFULLY ACHIEVING something… has a strong and direct impact on our experience of JOY inside of ourselves.

Our ability to experience these sensations is completely determined by how we define “success” and “progress”.

How do YOU define “success” and “progress”?

How do you determine if you’re being successful in a key relationship, or in a job, or with your kids??

For example…

Are YOU defining your success… or is someone else?

Does it need to be a completed task, or can it be something that is in progress?

Must it come from a prior set goal?  Or can it be those unexpected, perhaps even unintended, ‘successes’ that you’re creating or contributing to… but maybe you’re not currently recognizing?

Must it be something challenging to you? 

Or can it be something you’re good at, that you can do with ease, but that contributes to someone else, or the greater good?

As an action strategy… I encourage you to set yourself up with a “Celebration Jar” that you enter a note in to at least once a day, to help you take pause so you can better recognize, with greater appreciation, those many successes you are indeed creating, but may not be celebrating!

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