For the WOMEN that say “MY MAN IS MY ROCK”…

For the WOMEN that say “MY MAN IS MY ROCK”…

Maybe you don’t need this reminder… but in case you do… I’m here to serve this one up today because I’m being reminded of it myself in my own marriage.

Men who are labeled “ROCKS” are oftentimes given such an honorable title because of one or more of these things:

a masculine sense of stability, security, strength in presence and conviction, self-control, LOGIC over EMOTION, a protective nature,
demanding respect that has been earned.
And on and on.

Yet… so often and so humanly so… us women want that same ROCK OF A MAN to be “more EMOTIONAL”, “more OPEN and VULNERABLE”… “better in tune with the kids”, “more intuitive with what I need”, “better able to know ______ without me having to tell him”, “more calm”, “more fun”, and on and on.

This creates CONFUSION for men!!

Now, wait a second… I’m not letting men off the hook here with practicing tapping in their “softer side”… or exploring their own vulnerability and openness more… because indeed this WILL enhance your love relationship at home NO DOUBT.

What I’m saying is… WOMEN… DON’T FORGET the rock foundation from which your man is operating from in those moments he’s NOT showing up, or able to show up, for you the way you really need and want him to.

Help him become softer when YOU need him to be… through responding to him as the ROCK he is… rather than the SOFTER guy you may want at that moment, but that is not your partner’s baseline spirit.

ROCKS are rocks because they are, they do, and they provide what ultimately feels SOLID and UNSHAKEABLE.

So allow your ROCK of a man the opportunity to soften so that you don’t turn him into a turtle before he gets the chance to.

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