Play the Appreciation Game Better… and Score More Win-Wins in your Love Relationship!

I wish you and yours a joyous Thanksgiving holiday this week that may be physically apart, but socially close and connected.

There’s good reason to take pause and hone in on what’s good, right and awesome in our worlds, no matter what’s currently out of our control.

Take the time to express out loud to your loved ones what you appreciate about them. 

BE SPECIFIC, for optimal impact.

Compliments and expressions of appreciation that are specific and concrete, carry far more weight compared to generalizations.

For example, saying, “I really appreciate you”, is a thoughtful and loving expression for sure… but what about this?…

“I really love and appreciate how you’ve taken time lately to listen to my emotional rants without trying to fix my problems. I really feel seen and heard by you when that happens and that feels really comforting to me.”  

Adding as much detail as possible to the appreciation we express feels more authentic and sincere to the receiver.

And when we do this, not only are we making our compliments and appreciations much more meaningful, but we are teaching others precisely what we love and appreciate most. A relationship win-win!

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