My Plea to the Grumpy People. Or At Least, the Non-Smiling Ones ;).

YOUR SMILE is like

P U R E G O L D. ❤️

Don’t UNDERestimate the power and impact your SMILING FACE has on…

YOU, most importantly ❤️,

Your Love Partner,

Your kids,

Strangers, Etc.

I wanna skip to STRANGERS.

Our families most likely get most of our attention… as they should. And your COMMUNITY needs you too. The people that you don’t know and that don’t know you need you more than you know. (that’s a mouthful)

I’m not one to rant here on FB, but I can’t help but notice the seemingly grumpy people in the grocery store. I’m defining “grumpy” as those shopping in the grocery store that don’t look at or engage with anyone else. Those that don’t say “excuse me” when they walk in between you and the thing on the shelf you’re looking at… or the people that don’t say “thank you” after you stepped aside for them to let them walk by to give them extra space. I know and confess this is my own personal trigger. I grew up in the deep south and spent my middle school and early high school years living in a tiny town in Georgia called Madison – population 4,000. In Madison, you were expected to greet those you passed on the street or in the store. Even when driving your car, you knew to wave to each and every driver that passed you. Otherwise… you were simply regarded as ‘rude’.So yes… I have a major tic when it comes to this subject. I’m probably too-often triggered by some people’s indifference towards their fellow humans, even when dealing with perfect strangers. But I don’t think I’m alone in the least bit, regardless of my southern upbringing. When you smile… your whole face lights up. Our eyes smile. So even when wearing a COVID mask, people can still totally see your smile through the seeable parts of your face.

Think about how you feel when you exchange a smile with someone. Even a stranger you’re passing. For me, it’s a reminder of how we’re all truly connected as humans, of the power of kindness and warmth, and the emotional impact we have on each other… even while simply grocery shopping.

Just think about the immense power you have to spread joy and love in your community with your kindness, your positive engagement, your encouraging smile, a quick compliment… whatever your style. There are a lot of people feeling UNSEEN in these trying times – whether they’re isolated, lonely or downright struggling with their own personal situation. Your smile, your “thank you”, your “excuse me”, your “hey I like your shoes!”… could be the very thing that makes someone’s day. That helps them feel SEEN. And important. And connected to others. So if you’re not doing so already… I lovingly nudge you to SMILE MORE… and say a quick “hello!” Connect more with others, even through small, quick gestures. For when we do… We ourselves get to feel and experience the love and kindness we’re giving, elevating our OWN emotional states.

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